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Video Poker Free

Welcome to Video Poker Free, a great place on the internet to play video poker. You can play all our games for free, right on the site. You can also download the software from the respective casinos and play it for real money.

Video poker is a computer poker game based on five card draw. It is similar to a slot machine, except you actually play poker. In video poker you you have the option to keep or discard any cards in your hand after the initial deal. You then are dealt replacement cards for those discarded.

Video poker came about in the 1970. The first versions where quite primitive by today’s standards. Because video poker requires a computer to run the game and a monitor to display it, it is a newer gaming option. Of course it is part of the rich history of poker in general, but video poker itself is a contemporary invention.

Video poker is a fairly simple game to play, but perfect play can be a challenge. The seasoned video poker player will know exactly what to do with any starting card combination. It is important to understand and play a winning strategy to get the full value from a video poker machine. When starting out be sure to have a basic strategy in mind, and you can grow on that initial knowledge as you play more and become comfortable with the game.

Since video poker comes in so many varieties, it can be a challenge to learn all the games. Use this site to try the game for fun, and see what games you like. Do you like wild cards? Multi-line games? Or is Jacks or Better the only game you will ever need? The questions are endless, so play for Video poker for free and get some answers.