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Bonus Poker is a video poker game on the RTG software platform. It is a Jacks or Better game, with a bonus payout for certain four of a kinds. If you hit four 2-4 you will advance to the first bonus payout of 200 coins for a max bet. The best four of a kind to get is four aces, paying a whopping 375 coins for a max bet.

In bonus poker you can bet 1-5 coins. It is important to play max coins because the royal flush payout is 4x the payout for less coins. If you are lucky enough to hit  a royal you want to get the full value for it.


After a win, you will be presented with the option to double. You may choose to double, or not. If you choose not to double you will be awarded your win and the game will move on. If you choose to double, the double round begins.

The deck will be shuffled and and five cards will be dealt out. The first card will be dealt face up, and the remaining four will be dealt face down. The goal is to pick a card larger then the exposed card, from the face down cards. You choose a card, then click draw. If you win you may double again (up to five times), if you lose it is time to start a new round of video poker.