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Double-Double Bonus Poker is a Video Poker variant with a huge bonus for select four of a kinds. Double-Double Bonus Poker is available with the RTG software used by many online casinos. The minimum qualifying hand in Double-Double Bonus Poker is a pair of jacks or better.

Double-Double Bonus Poker is a four of a kind bonus machine. The payout is increased for sepcific four of a kinds. The best one is  four aces with a 2-4. The second best is four aces or four 2-4 with an ace-4 kicker. The next threshold is four 2-4 without the specified kicker. In Double-Double Bonus Poker even the other four of a kinds 5-K pay more then in a Jacks or Better machine.

In Double-Double Bonus Poker you can bet 1-5 coins. It is important to play max coins because the royal flush payout increased with a maximum bet. If you are lucky enough to hit a royal you want to get the full value for it.