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Deuces Wild is a five card draw poker game, where the twos are wild cards. Deuces Wild video poker is a one player card game. Playing Deuces Wild is fun, easy and free at video poker free. To get started simply download the software, or click on the visit link to use the no-download version, and get your self signed up. Once you are signed up, and logged in you will be able to find Deuces Wild video poker, and many other video poker games.

Once you have selected that the game you want to play is Deuces Wild, you will select your coin value. It can be $10, $5, $1, $.50 or $.25. Next you will choose how many coins you will bet, you may bet one through five coins. You can always select bet max, to bet all five coins. Then you push deal and you will get five cards.

When you get dealt your five cards you will have the option to hold zero, one, two, three, four or all five cards. You are trying to make the best poker hand, with the highest payout according to the pay table.

After you have selected the cards you will hold, you choose draw, and the cards you dropped will be replaced. If you have a winning hand you will either collect your winnings, or try to double up.

To double up, you select the double button. You will be deal one card up, and four cards down. The object is to find a down card that is bigger then the up card. An ace is high, and can only be tied with another ace.

If you choose a larger card, you will have twice as much, and another option to double, up to five times. If you tie, you keep your money and can try again, or not. If you choose a lower card, you lose your stake and it is time to play a new hand.