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Loose Deuce video poker is a one player five card draw game. In Loose Deuce, twos are wild. Loose Deuce is a version of Deuces Wild video poker, with a larger bonus for 4 deuces. Loose Deuce, like most video poker games, is a one player game with the object to get a qualifying hand.

In the downloadable version of Loose Deuce the first thing you will do is select your coin size.  You will have an option of $10, $5, $1, $.50 or $.25 per coin, with up to five coins per hand. The free version is a $1 dollar coin size.

The minimum required hand in Loose Deuce is three of a kind. If you get a winning combination you will have the option to double. To double select yes when asked and the dealer will deal five card. The first card will be face up, with four cards face down after. You will select a face down card, with the goal of getting a higher face value than the turned up card. A deuce is the highest card followed by the Ace then King and so on. You can double a maximum of five times, creating a very large pay if successful.