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Double Jackpot Poker is a video poker game with a bonus payout for some four of a kinds. The minimum qualifying hand is a pair of jacks, just like Jacks or Better video poker. The paytable is essentially the same as Jacks or Better besides the four of a kind payouts. With Double Jackpot Poker four of kind for 2-10 pay slightly less and the other four of a kinds pay significantly more.

The downloadable version of the game allows for a coins size of $10, $5, $1, $.50 or $.25 although the version above is only available with a $1 coin. Double Jackpot Poker can be played for 1-5 coins, the bet max button automatically bets five coins.

After a winning hand in Double Jackpot Poker you will have the option to double. If you choose to not, you will collect your coins. If you choose to double one card will be dealt face up and four cards will be dealt face down. You will select one of the face down cards if it is bigger then the first card your total doubles and you can choose to double again or keep it, if it is lower you loose and a tie ties and can you can choose to double or keep your credits.