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All American Poker is a video poker game where players need a pair of jacks or better to qualify. The payouts differs dramatically form Jacks or Better video poker. In All American Poker there is no extra prize for two pair vs. one pair of Jacks. The payout for straights and flushes in All American […]



2 Ways Royal is a Jacks or Better video poker game with a big twist, it pays for two different royal flushes. This game is a ton of fun because it will pay the same as a royal for any straight flush 2-6 as well as a standard royal flush A-10. The payout for a […]



10s or Better video poker is a classic favorite. When you play you choose 1-5 coins to play and you will be dealt five cards. The object is to get a hand consisting of a pair of 10’s or better. You may hold 0-5 of your original cards then you press the deal button. Each […]



Sevens Wild is a video poker game played with one player. Sevens Wild is started when a bet is placed. In Sevens Wild players can bet 1-5 coins and in the download version the coin size can be set from $.01 -$5.00. Sevens Wild is quite similar to the popular Deuces Wild video poker game. […]