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Sevens Wild is a video poker game played with one player. Sevens Wild is started when a bet is placed. In Sevens Wild players can bet 1-5 coins and in the download version the coin size can be set from $.01 -$5.00.

Sevens Wild is quite similar to the popular Deuces Wild video poker game. Sevens Wild obviously differs by having sevens wild, as opposed to twos. Sevens Wild has a different payable as well. In Sevens Wild full houses, wild royals and flushes pay less then in deuces wild. In Sevens Wild four of a kinds pay more.

This RTG version of Sevens Wild video poker allows double ups. Double ups in Sevens Wild video poker are started when you choose to double up vs take win after a qualifying hand has finished.  When you choose to double up the dealer will deal one card face up and four cards face down. You will choose a card and if it is larger then the face up card when turned over you win, smaller and you loose and a tie is a tie and you can try to double or take your stake.